Noah Lazes

Noah Lazes is the co-founder, President and C.O.O. of the ARK Group and its family of companies. Noah Lazes has received national recognition for his co-design and development of the NC Music Factory and World Mardi Gras multi-venue entertainment complexes featuring multiple restaurants and entertainment venues at each location. He was given a key to the city of Miami Beach for his contribution to Miami Beach entertainment and nightlife. He is also highly respected for his work as the producer of some of the largest arts and music festivals in the U.S. including RocktoberFest, Carolina MusicFest, Indy Summer Stages, Center CityFest and CityFest Live! Noah has won countless awards for entertainment and nightlife including Charlotte Center City Partners most prestigious award, the 2011 Vision Award. Noah also has a US Patent for the creation of an re oil containment boom that he co-designed with his father, Rick. Noah’s mother, Cecilia, is a social worker and he has a passion for helping underprivileged children and has worked with her to better the Children’s Home Society. Noah is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a BS in Civil Engineering. He graduated Summa Cum Laude and is listed in Fortune Magazine as one of the university’s most distinguished alumni. In addition to working, Noah enjoy’s spending time with family and son Mick, playing music in a band with his father and brother, Scott, boating on Lake Norman, promoting and managing professional boxers, snow skiing, tennis, and chess.